About us


Outstanding Quality

Conductors of pure oxygen-free copper, silvered strands and 24 carat gold-plated contacts: For our products, we only use exclusive and premium components.

Feel VIABLUE™’s high quality, e.g. our unique Ultragrip scratch-resistant surface. VIABLUE™ cables are produced and assembled manually in Germany to guarantee a high-end quality.

High Functionality

VIABLUE™ stands for innovative and technically ambitious solutions like multi-layer cable shields and our specially designed filters to completely eliminate distortion. Solid screw fixings and solder connections guarantee save holds for plugs and cables.

Unique Design

Every VIABLUE™ product is the result of a long and thorough development process combined with a lot of passion for detail. After initial drawings and sketches, 3D-models and prototypes are built. These then undergo several testing cycles in order to ensure our high demands in regard to functionality, quality and design.

The result is a truly first-class listening experience.

Enjoy your music based on products by VIABLUE™

Intellectual Property Rights

VIABLUE™ is trademark and design protected internationally.