Thread adapters

Thread adapters

Item-No.: Description:
50400 M6-M4
50404 M6-M8
50406 M6-M10
50408 M6-M12
50410 M6/1/4"-20UNC
Unit: 4 pieces each

M6 Nut

Item-No.: Description:
50480 M6 Nut
Unit: 4 pieces each

VIABLUE™ premium stainless steel thread adapters and nuts are used to safely mount spikes and absorbers to loudspeakers and devices.

Our VIABLUE™ Set-Up Guide provides you with a detailed manual, as well as an overview over all assembly options.

VIABLUE™ thread adapter and m6 nut

Technical Specifications

  • Total length per thread adapters: 20 mm
  • Thread size for spikes and absorbers: M6
  • Height M6 nut: 10 mm
  • Ø M6 nut: 10 mm