VIABLUE™ Silberlötzinn 250g

Silver solder

Silver solder spool

Item-No.: Unit:
40010 250 g spool


VIABLUE™ silver solder provides for solder contacts with minimal transmission resistance. For a professional cable assembly, it is necessary to ensure that the connection between cable and connector is permanently stable and of high quality.

For a permanent and optimal connection of solder contacts

  • Pure silver content: 4%
  • Fine and homogenous flow due to the addition of cobalt
  • Prevention of dross creation due to the addition of germanium
  • Highly efficient flux agent for an optimal flow properties
  • 3 spool sizes: 50g, 100g and 250g

Technical specifications

  • Melting point: 230°C
  • Composition: SnAg4.0Cu0.7CoGe
  • Ø 1 mm solder wire