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Stefanie Millinger

VIABLUE™️ meets Stefanie Millinger, 10 times world record holder and extreme athlete. “I don’t do things half way.” Like us, the Austrian has high standards when it comes to precision and technique.

Mark Thomsen

Speakers with a true high-end sound combined with a unique and beautiful design and for a decent price for all hi-fi audio lovers: Mark`s goal was clearly a high one. The Danish born Australian engineer combined craftsmanship with product design and 20 years of experience. In 2016, he founded M8audio to produce some of the most amazing speakers available. Just two years later, in 2018, Mark was awarded “Best Newcomer 2018” at the Munich High-End, as well as at the Melbourne International hi-fi Show.

Alan Vukelic

If you’re listening to pop or house music, it is very likely that you already listened to one of Alan’s productions. Musicians of various styles enjoyed working with the good-humored mixing engineer from Germany whose second home is the US. Alan started his own music productions 25 years ago. Today, he owns music studios in Germany and the USA. Alan’s training included guidance from Tom Elmhirst, Manny Marroquin and Tony Maserati. On our pictures, you can see him with his US-studio crew Tim Pierce, Kenny Aronoff and Marty O’Brien.

Mervyn Augustine Loh

TRITONE offers finest high-end audio and video products regardless of margins or price. Their unique approach is to combine their professional expertise in regard to sound with interior design to create sound systems and home cinemas for every space possible. To find a perfect solution, TRITONE uses scientific measurements, as well as long-standing experience and heartfelt creativity. The result: Enthusiastic customers.

Pio Sauer

Pio is a very down to earth, grounded person. He is a kindergarten teacher, student and business consultant who helps clients to find solutions within themselves. As a dad of two kids, Pio enjoys making music with little people, as well as grown-ups and from all over the world. His sound system is equally grounded with a Cambridge Audio Azur 851a combined with beautiful Tannoy Revolution DC8T speakers. They too stand on a solid foundation. With silver QTC Spikes made by VIABLUE™.

Matteo Sanfilippo

“Design is my passion”, Matteo explains. He is a designer and creative consultant for trademarks. Living in Karlsruhe, Germany, he runs his own design studio since 2005. Matteo’s striking concepts and artwork are simultaneously authentic, plausible and down to earth. His passion fits perfectly to ours and we are happy that Matteo chose our cables for his studio’s apple computers.

Denis Mlivic

Soon after being trained as a car mechanic, Denis decided to found his own company. His passion for car hi-fi dates back to the 80s, so it was about time. How can a perfect sound be transferred from a wide stage to the inside of a “regular” car? His answer: By professionally combining and modifying high quality components. His 1st place at several sound competitions is living proof of Denis’ expertise. He believes that VIABLUE™ cables are an optimal additon to his car and home hi-fi set-ups.

Mike Smith

“That’s live!” This was exactly what Mike had in mind when setting up his home entertainment system. Apart from Pink Floyd, he enjoys the sound of roaring F1 racecars competing for championship. Just like at Formula 1, motorsport`s premium race series, Mike is always chasing the limit of acoustic possibilities. With his system based around the new Denon AVC X8500H, 15 loudspeakers and 2 SVS subwoofers, he surely gets the sound right. Adding the gasoline smell might be a challenge :-).

Werner Enge

True, it is rarely the case, but if something just does not sound right with the hi-fi systems of his clients, Werner hops in his Corvette Stingray and – literally – s p e e d s to rescue. He’s a master in setting up sound equipment. Customized of course. If you are seeking a special listening experience, check out his wares at his small castle in Elze/Germany: You’ll find systems of Klipsch, Aaron, Sovereign, OperaAudio and more – all connected with VIABLUE™ cables.

Song Reaksa

Yes, it’s that big: Song was excited when unpacking a VIABLUE™ SC-6 AIR Silver for the first time. He is the successful owner of Khmer Audio Video, a renowned hi-fi and audio shop in Pnom Penh, Cambodia. We love his handmade VIABLUE™ shelf to get a feeling for our cables and connectors. Thank you, Song!

Salvatore Spatafora

For many years Salvatore, living and working in Triest, Italy, built loudspeakers to find just the right sound. He then combined his findings with a unique design strongly reminding us of a roaring, but well defined Ferrari. Finally, in 2016, Salvatore founded the speaker company ESSE Quadro. We are happy to present Salvatore’s ESSE Quadro L’UNA 177 with the VIABLUE™ SC-6 AIR Silver. Perfection. Perfect.

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