EP-7S Silver Cat-7

Ethernet cable
Length SKU
per meter | per 3.3 ft. 21902
Length SKU
100 m | 328 ft. Spool 21903


VIABLUE™ EP-7 Silver Cat7 network cables are twisted-pair data cables, which guarantee full protection of sensitive data of external confounding effects and distortion. They provide an optimal gigabit high speed networking, leading to an extremely efficient and complete streaming of HD audio and UHD video formats.

For professionally arranged installations

  • 8 conductors of pure OFC copper wires
  • Soft banding
  • Satin matt sheath: highly flexible and ultra resistant

100% shield coverage by a total of 5 layers

  • 1 braided silvered shield
  • 4 aluminum foil shields
  • To prevent any distortion such as mobile phone signals
  • Jitter-free, no matter which frequency

OFC Copper

OFC means oxygen-free copper and is an electrolytically refined copper used for its high conductivity with a maximum level of oxygen of 0.001%.


  • Made for fixed installations
  • CAT-7
  • Real 1000 MHz
  • OFC solid-core copper wires
  • Braided shield: OFC silver-plated
  • Cross section: AWG 23/1
  • Bending radius 5 cm
  • Operating capacity, nominal 45 nF / km
  • Relative propagation velocity, approx. 0.78 C
  • Characteristic impedance 1-100 MHz = 100 +/- 22 ohms
  • Characteristic impedance 100-250 MHz = 100 +/- 25 ohms
  • Characteristic impedance 250-600 MHz = 100 +/- 25 ohms
  • Shield attenuation up to 1000 MHz > 60 dB
  • Outer Ø 9.5 mm

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