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Many months elapse in designing a new product from the first idea to developing it into a marketable production series. From the beginning, after many drawings and sketches, several three-dimensional, computer-developed CAD models follow. With a mouse click, these drafts can easily be corrected and improved until the first product emerges that runs and appears marketable.

After review of the plans and agreement among the model builders, the first production prototype is produced. With the actual prototypes, problems can be seen and additional improvements developed. The design of the respective product is developed further by computer/CAD. The steps are iterated until the finished product has emerged. Mass production can now begin.

During development, many factors are decisive: quality, technology, handling, price (cost-performance ratio) and, of course, optical characteristics and external design.

All ViaBlue products must undergo a specially designed quality check in order to be able to offer our clients consistent and the highest quality possible. ViaBlue cables are manufactured according to very high standards. We use the purest copper, and our conductive materials are manufactured according to strict quality controls. The result is high-end cables with an excellent surface finish. We only buy the cleanest and highest quality raw materials for our connectors in order to be able to produce very low resistance connections.

In order to give our customers certainty that they are receiving the highest quality with ViaBlue products, we regularly conduct checks to look for reproductions and counterfeits of ViaBlue products. Reproductions of the products we have developed are illegal and prohibited, and violators will be prosecuted. We invest a lot of time and energy into the development and production of high-end connections. We protect the products we develop by patenting them through the German Patent Office in Munich in order to be able to take legal action against copies/counterfeit products from third parties and thereby guarantee our customers that they are receiving the highest quality products. Therefore, you can count on the usual high ViaBlue quality and know that you are getting an original with each ViaBlue product you buy. Reproductions and counterfeits of ViaBlue products are illegal and prohibited, and violators will be prosecuted in civil and criminal court.


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