VIABLUE™ NF-S1 Analoges Cinch-/Klinke-Kabel


Analog cable

Item-No.: Length:
22708 100 cm
22714 250 cm
22722 500 cm
22730 800 cm
22744 1500 cm
Packing unit: 1 piece


The ultimate aim of any high-end hi-fi cable is, to convey music exactly the way it was recorded. Even the most subtle musical timbres need to be displayed in the original fashion. The VIABLUE™ NF-S1 transmits all frequencies completely genuine and precise. By combining several different materials, the NF-S1 excels with transparent sonic images, clean basses and a very detailed high range rendition.

For even the finest frequencies

  • Interference free connection of devices with a 3.5 mm audio output and RCA input
  • 2 inner conductors made of tinned OFC copper
  • Each 19x 0.19 mm single strands
  • Polyethylene insulation

Four shields "Quattro Silver“

  • 2 silvered spiral shields
  • 2 ALU-PET foil shields
VIABLUE™ NF-S1 Analoges Cinchkabel

Customized with VIABLUE™ T6s RCA-/Audio Plugs

  • 24 carat real gold-plated
  • For an optimal contact pressure
VIABLUE™ NF-S1 Analoges Klinke-Cinchkabel

Additional features

  • VIABLUE™ Cobra braided cable sleeve
  • VIABLUE™ ferrite filter 9 – for an interference free transmission
  • VIABLUE™ Y-splitter – for a perfect cable routing
OFC Copper

OFC Copper

OFC means oxygen-free copper
and is an electrolytically refined copper
used for its high conductivity with a
maximum level of oxygen of 0.001%.

Ferrite Filter

VIABLUE™ Ferrite Filter

a ferrite core, built in a metal shell
suppresses the amount of high frequency
electromagnetic interference (EMI) noise
found in electronic circuits.


VIABLUE™ Splitters

provide an intelligent and precise cable
routing. They stabilize single strands
and thus prevent cables from
damages near cable outlets.

Technical specifications

  • Outer Ø incl. sleeving: 9.5 mm
  • Ø ferrite filter 9: 20 mm
  • Ø Y splitter: 20 mm
  • Finishing: silvered / tinned
  • Capacity conductor: 50 pF/m | screen: 100 pF/m
  • Cable length between Y-division of splitter and RCA plug: approx. 13 cm
  • Play-in time: approx. 22 hours