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Item: 50115
Unit: 4 Pieces
Type: silver

75.98 €

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Product description:

ViaBlue™ QTC Spikes receive vibrations from vibrating bodies such as speakers (such as diaphragms) and devices (such as transformers) and reduce them. Maximum pressure builds up at connection point between vibrating bodies and their bases, using a high mass concentrated on three minimum points (peaks). The vibrations are eliminated through the extreme pressure points. This leads to vibration absorption.

Through the vibration reception disk, vibrations are received on the rotary plate with adjustable height. The vibrations gathered in the main cone are deflected. Excess pressure builds up and is transferred to the especially hardened points. On the equally identically hardened absorption master disk, a maximum pressure point is then created. The vibrations are eliminated.

A total of 4 spikes per set are included in the delivery. A spike consists of: a grounding component with attached master disk, steel-hardened peak, main cone, rotary disk of adjustable height with attached vibration reception disk, M6 threaded rod and an M6 drive-in nut.

With the M6 to M6 thread stick included, QTC spikes can be tightly connected with speakers or devices. This ensures a steady state and the best possible connection of the absorption reducer to the vibrating. For speaker cases and devices with built-in M8 threads, special M6/M8 thread sticks go from the QTC spikes M6 threads to M8 threads. Optionally M6 to M4, M6 to M8, M6 to M10, M6 to M12 and M6 to 1/4"-20UNC are available.

Technical specifications:
  • Basic height: 34 mm
  • 2 Height adjustments: 5 mm | 2 mm
  • Max diameter: 30 mm
  • Max load capacity: 200 KG / set
  • Colour: silver / black
  • Number of total parts: 32 pieces


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