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Item: 30080
Unit: 1 Piece
Type: black

99.98 €

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Product description:

The ViaBlue speaker terminals are made from surface aluminium and stand out due to their comparatively high material thickness of 10 mm. This high thickness of the material prevents vibrations and seals the weak point of the speaker enclosure optimally to the rear opening to the connection of loudspeaker cables, to allow a stable pressure of the oscillations.

Through the ViaBlue ™ silicone pad that has been mounted on the back of the terminal board, even the finest irregularities at the junction point between the terminal and be speaker cabinet are completely sealed.

Be able to screw the speaker terminals with maximum down force on the speaker cabinet, gold plated rings can be pressed into the terminal boards. The ViaBlue S-120 single-wire speaker terminals can be mounted using M4 screws on the speaker housing and sunk at will or is placed superficially.

The ViaBlue S-120 single-wire speaker terminals can be mounted with six M4 screws on the speaker enclosure and sunk at will or be placed superficially. The frequency ranges, high and low tone can be controlled separately with the ViaBlue S-120 single-wire speaker terminals.

In the assembled version, ViaBlue 24 karat gold-plated T6s terminal clamps are mounted on the ViaBlue speaker terminals. They offer versatile connectivity both for the internal wiring and for the external use of banana plugs, cable shoes and flexible pins of speaker cables.


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