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Item: Length: Price:
25506 70 cm 235.98 €
25508 100 cm 265.98 €
25510 150 cm 315.98 €
25512 200 cm 365.98 €
25515 300 cm 465.98 €
25522 500 cm 665.98 €
Packing unit: 1 Pair each

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Product description:


The ViaBlue™ NF-S6 AIR Silver Analogue cable is specifically designed for the transmission of analogue signals. The designed cable, made up of 2x 6 individual signal conductors and a 6-fold shielding and 23 air pipes with a total cross section of 15 mm˛ therefore with a total diameter of 16 mm.

The 2x 6 signal conductors consist of 19 silver-plated fine copper wires from selected, highly chemically pure and oxygen free copper and provide a clear, detailed and perfectly well rounded sound.

NF-S6 AIR Silver RCA cable by the meter
The unique structure of the NF-S6 AIR Silver Analogue cable is specially developed by the ViaBlue™ air pipe system, an airspace system with a centre of individual conductors, which have been arranged in a circular arrangement.

A six-fold shielding consisting of three laminated, gold foil shields and 3 conflicting strand coil shields, with a shielding factor of 100%, keeps away disturbances such as DECT or mobile phone, microwave, and humming sounds.

A soft banding and a flexible and satin mat sheath protect the entire cable system.

The NF-S6 AIR Silver Analogue cable can be used for both unbalanced (e.g. RCA connections) and balanced (e.g. XLR connections).

Thanks to a nearly loss-free transmission of audio signals, the NF-S6 AIR Silver Analogue cable delivers a fascinating sound, even over long distances. The fine tuning of the individual frequencies of the complex ViaBlue™ air pipe system and the special arrangement of the individual signal conductors with fine silver-plated OFC copper promises a natural, realistic and accurate music reproduction with a clear sense of even the most acute detail. Individual musical elements are sharply defined and illustrated in impressive tones. The result is a large ambiance for free and airy musical pleasure.

The NF-S6 AIR Silver cables are braided with the ViaBlue Cobra protective sleeve that shows visually, at first glance, the dynamics of the high-end speaker cable. The cables with ViaBlue splitters are typically used to protect the cable ends from snapping off and, at the same time, offer a professional, well thought out cable routing of the single leads.


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