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Item: 30030
Unit: 1 Pair

49.98 €

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Product description:

ViaBlue T6s Binding posts are 24 carat gold-plated. The housing is made of aluminium. Each T6s Binding posts contains two ViaBlue polyoxymethylene discs for electrical insulation, mechanical pressure sealing and to reduce vibration.

To assemble the inner wiring, the stripped ends are soldered or bolted on fine thread web to the rear part of the contact of the T6s Binding posts. The fine threads inside the connector of the T6s Binding posts make it easy to install multiple terminals, and similar types of connections in a row.

With the enclosed washers/spring gear ring combination the T6s Binding posts are stably mounted permanently on terminal boards.

Through the large contact area for the terminals, connections to the speaker wire can be transferred with minimal resistance. The T6s Binding posts head can be removed completely so the closed cable lugs can be assembled.


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